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We have posted a number of free business e-Books and resources to help you get started in launching your own business. There are even two Portable MBA books available here free of charge – The Portable MBA in Project Management and The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting. Feel free to download any materials you find interesting and helpful, and good luck on your journey.

Internet Marketing eBooks

  • The Untold Secrets Of Internet Marketing Adobe Download
  • The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing Adobe Download
  • Strategic Marketing Process Adobe Download

Consultative Selling eBooks

  • Unleashing the Power of Consultative Selling Adobe Download
  • Consultative Selling for High Margin Sales – The Hanan Formula Adobe Download

Business Planning eBooks

  • Business Plans – Terrance McGarty Adobe Download
  • How to Prepare Your Business Plan Adobe Download

Project Management eBook

  • Portable MBA in Project Management Adobe Download
  • Successful Project Management Adobe Download

Finance & Accounting eBook

  • Portable MBA in Finance & Accounting Adobe Download
  • Financial Accounting Adobe Download

Management & Leadership eBook

  • Strategic Management Adobe Download
  • The Art of War Adobe Download

Negotiation eBook

  • Effective Negotiation Techniques – Government Manual Adobe Download
  • Guide to Smart Negotiations – Harvard Business School Adobe Download

Organizational Behavior eBook

  • Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior Adobe Download
  • Developing an Enhanced Retail Corporation Through Organizational Behavior Adobe Download

Risk Management eBook

  • Risk Management Adobe Download
  • An Overview of Enterprise Risk Management Adobe Download